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Planning for Transition Sample Agenda


  • Explore the three stages people go through when there are changes, including how to anticipate these changes and lead people through them.
  • Provide the team with concrete tools on how to best manage transition for themselves and their teams.
  • Develop and commit to action plans for moving forward with transitions.
  • Pre-work: Assigned reading of chapters from William Bridge’s Managing Transitions as a foundation to explore how to lead and manage transitions.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Individual sharing of hopes and concerns in relation to change issues.
  • Discussion based on Bridge’s Managing Transitions of the difference between transition and change, and facilitating accountability.
  • Review of Bridge’s concept of transition readiness to identify top three areas to address.
  • Pre-selected participants report on the chapter in Managing Transitions covering endings.
  • Participants define who is losing what and what’s ending, what’s not ending and how to communicate these clearly.
  • Brainstorm how to compensate for losses and how to mark the ending.

Day 1 Afternoon Outline

  • Pre-selected participants report on the chapter in Managing Change covering the "Neutral Zone."
  • Discuss ways to normalize and redefine the neutral zone.
  • Discuss how to better increase connection and show concern
  • Large group completes worksheet on possible problem areas and temporary solutions.
  • If it is determined that a transition monitoring team is needed, large group discusses action steps
  • Discuss how to communicate Purpose, Picture, Plan and the Part
  • Interactive team challenge designed to help the team integrate the change management concepts.
  • Large group reviews actual communications sent out to date and refines the message.
  • Evening sharing of personal transition stories.

Day 2 Morning Outline

  • Large group discusses the criteria for a successful change/transition.
  • Recording of best practices gleaned from personal transition stories.
  • Action planning of next steps to manage each phase of the transition.
  • Develop consistent "One Minute Speech" on why the change is necessary.
  • Individuals pledge their commitment to the change/transition and define their leadership role.

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