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Using Change as an Opportunity Sample Agenda


  • Understand the cycles of change and the roles different people play in the process.
  • Recognize and adapt to the emotional cycles associated with change.
  • Learn effective strategies and skills for navigating through transitions.
  • Use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help develop individual and group strategies for managing change.


  • Team members read the short book, Who Moved My Cheese, in order provide a common foundation for discussing change issues.

Morning Outline

  • Interactive team challenge designed to help the team examine the way they manage change.
  • Large group discusses strategies for staying positive and productive during periods of change.
  • Exchange of personal change stories leading to common themes and helpful strategies.
  • Large group discussion of strategies for change management given overall group MBTI preference.
  • Breakout into functional groups to complete discussion questions about the Ladder of Inference.

Afternoon Outline

  • Presentation of William Bridges Transition model that stages of transition associated with change.
  • Large group explores current beliefs and behaviors that might inhibit change and identifies new beliefs and specific behaviors that may facilitate the transition through change.

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