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Team Leadership: Conflict Management for Leaders

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is conflict averse. And rather than creating a harmonious and peaceful existence, this pattern of avoidance creates seething undercurrents and hidden agendas in most workplaces. How many tough conversations have you avoided so you wouldn’t “hurt someone’s feelings”

In the face of conflict, we will choose one of these five options: Avoid, Accommodate, Compete, Collaborate, or Compromise. And in this workshop, you’ll examine each of these as you grow more comfortable with the concept of Healthy Conflict.

You have the choice of completing a Conflict Management Styles Assessment prior to this workshop to provide additional insights.

Workshop Goals

  • Define conflict through a series of interactive challenges.
  • Examine different styles of conflict and concept of high vs. low context.
  • Review the differences between conflict management and resolution, third-party facilitation and mediation and interpersonal and group interactions.

Leadership Agendas

Conflict Management for Leaders Sample Agenda

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