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Team Leadership: Decision-Making for Leaders Sample Agenda


  • Agree upon what comprises a “good” decision.
  • Understand various approaches to decision-making, the pros and cons of each and when to use.
  • Understand the leader’s role in decision making (as a function of his/her team’s level of development).
  • Practice delegating decisions as a team.
  • Develop a plan, list of rules, protocols, etc. around decision-making that will develop a leader’s team.

Four-Hour Workshop

  • Warm-up stretches.
  • Discuss common barriers to making effective decisions.
  • Facilitated team challenge to explore the concept of consensus.
  • Apply a variety of decision-making methods to a facilitated challenge.
  • Review four important questions for making team decisions.
  • Learn how to research decisions and make informed decisions.
  • Master several decision making tools including the Fist to Five method and the Decision-Making Tree.