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Team Leadership: Decision-Making for Leaders

Few things create as many log-jams for teams as un-made, poorly made or half-made decisions. Getting the right people to agree on the same set of parameters can be as rare an event as a solar eclipse, and as difficult to orchestrate. That’s why we will afford opportunities to practice various decision making methods that make it easy to get input from everyone, cull the data and choose the best course of action.  

The end result of this workshop is that participants will have some guidelines about how decisions will be made in the future, and how to use decisions as a learning opportunity to develop their teams.

Workshop Goals

  • Agree upon what comprises a “good” decision.
  • Understand various approaches to decision-making, the pros and cons of each and when to use.
  • Understand the leader’s role in decision making (as a function of his/her team’s level of development).
  • Practice delegating decisions as a team.
  • Develop a plan, list of rules, protocols, etc. around decision-making that will develop a leader’s team.

Leadership Agendas

Decision-Making for Leaders Sample Agenda

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