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Foundations of Leadership: Delegation

Most of us have had work delegated to us…often poorly. Have you ever invested significant time and resources only to have the project “repo’d” Or had a project delegated “drive-by” style leaving you stunned and later seeking guidance, support and resources Or learned that the same project or task you’ve been dealing with for the last day or so was also delegated to at least one other person…just to make sure it got done!

When the time comes for us to delegate to others, few of us have had positive role models from whom we can learn. The signs of our delegation deficiencies are easy to see: slow decision making with projects stalled awaiting approval, managers spending time on low-priority work, missed deadlines, low productivity, low morale, and a staff that’s ill prepared for new challenges.

During this workshop, you'll tackle the three greatest barriers to delegation: lack of trust, a short-term view of work flow, and a fear of losing control. You will examine your trust levels and how to increase them, and work to develop an environment that is safe for risk-taking with a long-term view of your work and employee development. During activities and debriefs, you’ll uncover best practices for delegating and following up on projects.

Workshop Goals

  • Review the steps to effective delegation.
  • Review the levels of delegation and how each impacts the team.
  • Assess individual skills and abilities around delegation.
  • Develop a plan to improve delegation.

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Delegation Agenda

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