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DiSC® Classic

DiSC® Classic is the universal language of behavior. The acronym DiSC stands for the four observable personality styles:  Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness.  Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major divisions called personality styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity and a person's adapted profile will change to fit the needs of the role.

DiSC Classic can help you create a more positive organizational culture. It helps you create a positive, learning organization in several ways:

  • It helps to reduce employee turnover by improving interpersonal relationships—a factor known to have a negative impact on job satisfaction.
  • It teaches and reinforces the use of a shared vocabulary to describe behavior that is respectful and non-judgmental.
  • It's key to valuing a diverse workforce and creating connections and mutual respect between people who are different.
  • It eases conflict by helping employees realize that people perceive and respond to the same situation differently based on their behavioral style.

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