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Team Leadership: Effective Meetings for Leaders

Few experiences are as frustrating as a bad meeting. And few experiences waste as many organizational resources: time, man-hours, energy. Not to mention the negative feelings and political machinations that often accompany bad meetings. But here’s the good news. Meetings can be run effectively by following a pretty simple process. Meetings can be highly beneficial to the morale of a team. Meetings can help drive good decisions through collaboration, and innovation through collective analyses and brainstorming. And a leader can cement his/her role through effective meetings.

In this workshop, you will examine your current meetings, the leader’s role in meetings, as well as other support roles in meetings, review a “checklist” for running a good meeting, write an agenda that takes human nature into consideration, and practice interpersonal meeting skills (conflict resolution, providing feedback, group decision making, etc.).

We’re committed to making this workshop very applicable, so during the planning process, we’ll capture real meeting topics and issues that you are trying to address. Your pre- and post-workshop materials will assist you in applying what you’ve built and learned in the workshop.

Workshop Goals

  • Review your analyses of your own meetings.
  • Review the steps to planning and running effective meetings.
  • Learn how to write a great agenda.
  • Practice running one of the following meeting types: giving supportive feedback, giving corrective feedback, brainstorming (See Problem Solving for Leaders: Team Leadership), making decisions, managing conflict (see Conflict Resolution for Leaders: Team Leadership) and sharing knowledge.
  • Develop a SWOT plan and checklist, specific to the participant’s company culture, for re-tooling meetings back in the workplace.

Leadership Agendas

Effective Meetings for Leaders Sample Agenda

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Leadership Skills