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Corporate Team Building

Executive Team Leadership Sample Agenda


  • Learn the difference between managing and leading.
  • Practice leading teams in various stages of development.
  • Assess current leadership stage of team then build an action plan to get to the desired stage of development.

Morning Outline

  • Interactive icebreaker to establish mindset for experiential activities.
  • Discussion of needs assessment collated from on-line survey taken by team members
  • Facilitator presents Stages of Team Development model and Characteristics of a Leader’s role.
  • Practice diagnosing actual teams and considering if we are giving them the appropriate kind of leadership.
  • Interactive challenge designed to demonstrate team interdependence and leadership skills helpful for achieving common goals.
  • Group discussion about the importance of properly giving and receiving feedback.

Afternoon Outline

  • Interactive exercise in which giving and receiving of feedback are practiced.
  • Group discussion about managing, leading and the difference between them.
  • Skills survey comparing management and leadership.
  • Self-evaluation and group discussion on leadership competencies.
  • Development of a plan for leadership in the organization.

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