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Teamwork Sample Agenda

High Performing Teams with Pursuit

  • Identify and demonstrate qualities of high performance teams.
  • Assess the extent to which the team measures up to these qualities.
  • Develop a plan to build on the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of the team.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Small group discussion to benchmark characteristics of a high performing team.
  • Build a group definition of performance, interactions and processes that contribute to a high performing teams’ success.
  • Self-evaluation of team attributes.

Day 1 Afternoon Outline

  • Pursuit
  • Incorporate rating system into Pursuit challenges that allows small groups to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Summarize what the team learned during Pursuit.

Day 2 Morning Outline

  • Introduce Problem-Solving Model and review problem-solving processes used in Pursuit activities from previous day.
  • Participate in an interactive problem-solving challenge using the model as a guide.
  • Tabletop exercise that shows different modes of decision-making.
  • Brainstorm in small groups the appropriate use of each decision-making mode in the work environment.
  • Develop action plan to build on skills practiced throughout the workshop.

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