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Organizational Leadership: 360° Insights

In order for organizational leaders to maximize their emotional and social intelligences, they need a clear picture of their own perceptions as well as those of their peers and direct reports. Our 360° Insights process is non-confrontational, positive and, (dare we say it) fun. One reason is that you’ll have the chance to do a self-evaluation first which diffuses the tension for the other participants. Another reason our approach works so well, is that it’s not a formal face-to-face meeting (which can be emotionally intense), but rather an open, casual forum in which everyone gets to read everyone else’s comments.

Our facilitators maintain a climate of openness and trust, so that the experience is positive. Upon returning to the workplace, you will feel more comfortable offering and requesting feedback as you practice and eventually master the interpersonal skills of the next three modules.

Workshop Goals

  • Provide you with an accurate picture of what you and your team view as your greatest strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Establish a plan for improvement with the support and buy-in of your colleagues.
  • Set a precedent and increase your comfort level asking for and providing feedback.

Leadership Agendas

360° Insights for Leaders Sample Agenda

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