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Organizational Leadership: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

“He’s really smart…just not people smart.” You’ve heard that statement before…maybe even used it once or twice. Do you work with anyone like that He (or she) may be one of millions of workers who are technically competent enough to accomplish the goals and tasks required of the job, yet lack the self-awareness and mastery to control his or her emotions in the workplace. Rageaholics, sullen brooders, mood swingers, and the self-esteem deficient watch out!   

To be a truly effective leader, you must develop an awareness of and control over your emotional state. How else can you actualize goals, motivate yourself, discipline yourself, manage stress and impulses, Adapt? In this workshop, you will review the work of several EI experts, and work toward a plan for increasing your EQ (emotional quotient) with the support of your peers.

Workshop Goals

  • Review the basic tenets of emotional intelligence and its role in the workplace.
  • Assess individual levels of emotional intelligence and draft a development plan.
  • Using authentic workplace simulations, practice exhibiting positive behaviors that will (over time) nurture emotional intelligence.
  • Analyze the current work environment and the support (or barriers) it provides for developing a high level of emotional intelligence.

Leadership Agendas

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Sample Agenda

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