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Foundations of Leadership: The Leader's Role in Stages of Team Development

Whether we’re leading a meeting, a task, a project, or a department, the needs of those you lead are ever-changing and complex. A good leader can anticipate and provide for those needs depending on team dynamics. The stage of team development in which a team operates depends on a lot of factors: for example, length of time that team members have worked together, levels of trust and confidence among team members and whether or not there is a history of successful decisions and processes for feedback.  

During this workshop you will model four common leadership roles (Director, Coach, Collaborator and Visionary), practice the appropriate role during each of the stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing), and examine tools and processes that will speed a team’s evolution (as well as your own) through hands-on, interactive challenges.

Workshop Goals

  • Discover and practice a leader's role in setting and achieving goals, gaining support, resolving conflicts, motivating team members, and sustaining commitment.
  • Recognize where your organization or team currently stands and choose the appropriate leadership style.
  • Learn to identify team behaviors and respond effectively.
  • Identify appropriate directive and/or supportive coaching techniques to improve team performance.

Leadership Agendas

The Leader's Role in Stages of Team Development Sample Agenda

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