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Foundations of Leadership: Leadership & Communication

In many workplace polls, the primary complaint that workers have about their leaders is the amount and caliber of communication. We’ve all run into individuals who had great ideas but couldn’t convey them to other people, or an inability to discuss potentially volatile topics, or an unwillingness to share information unless absolutely necessary. But when we see these behaviors in a leader, we’re far more chagrinned…after all, if our leaders can’t communicate, how can we expected to

It is our contention that communication is the primary skill that all leaders and managers need to master. All others “flow” from this one. In this workshop, you’ll address the more advanced communication issues and tools that individuals can use to improve their personal effectiveness, working relationships and workplace environment.

Workshop Goals

  • Demonstrate the communication process and how we can control it.
  • Develop an awareness of paralinguistics and begin to leverage their benefits.
  • Show how communication patterns relate to leader effectiveness.
  • Learn the different approaches for communication and when to use each.
  • Practice using questions to improve communications.
  • Understand the Levels of Resistance and how to craft a persuasive message.

Leadership Agendas

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