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Team Leadership: Problem-Solving for Leaders

Leaders are often great problem solvers (that’s how they got there in the first place!). But an organization needs a lot of problem solvers. That means that to leverage a leader’s problem-solving skills, he or she must transfer that ability to the team. A good leader can “read” the team, and provide the appropriate amount of guidance and clarification around problem solving.

You’ll learn how to influence your team’s attitudes toward problem solving and how to match an employee’s skill sets with appropriate challenges, thereby creating opportunities for improvement. In addition, you will practice facilitating problem solving processes (SWOT analysis and brainstorming), then develop a list of best practices around problem solving.

Workshop Goals

  • Review group problem solving processes.
  • Understand the state of Optimum Performance.
  • Practice facilitating the solution of problems through SWOT and Brainstorming.
  • Develop a list of problem-solving best practices.

Leadership Agendas

Problem-Solving for Leaders Sample Agenda

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