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Problem Solving

Teams are being asked to solve problems about all aspects of their work. Whether a team is ad hoc, self-managed or a network, it must have a process to follow to arrive at a solution or a decision. The process that we teach in our workshop is a synthesis of several problem-solving models:

  • Step one: Define the problem.
  • Step two: Decide the process to use.
  • Step three: Gather information.
  • Step four: Make the decision.
  • Step five: Develop an action plan.
  • Step six: After the problem is solved: Audit and evaluate the decision and process, record and share learning.

While some teams have access to problem solving tools, it’s rare to find those that understand the nature of problems and how to choose the right tool or technique to use in a particular situation. Furthermore, team members rarely understand how the way they think (human information processing factors) and the biases they carry with them can affect the success or failure of the problem solving tools they use.

Problem Solving Workshop Goals

  1. Learn the AAI group problem solving process.
  2. Understand the state of Optimum Performance and how the right attitude about problem solving can create opportunities for improvement.
  3. Practice solving problems as a team.

Individual preferences come into play when solving problems. Blending the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with a problem-solving module can greatly improve your team problem-solving skills.

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