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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Training Workshops

Our training workshops are built with interactive elements ranging from facilitated discussions to table-top activities to exciting outdoor physical challenges, and targeted to address some of the following corporate training needs. All of our programs include a team needs assessment.


Assess your individual team style; practice leading high performance teams; review the stages of team development; tackle team problem-solving and decision-making.

Managing Change

Learn to use change as an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Empower your team during periods of transition.


Develop leadership skills and leadership development plans. Assess current leadership competencies and practice leading teams.


Practice sending and receiving messages one-on-one, giving and accepting feedback, communicating with other teams (The Emissary Process) and resolving conflict.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Use the MBTI with your team to improve communication, reduce conflict, promote diversity, leverage individual strengths and shape corporate culture.

  • Convenient. We offer our programs at the location that’s most convenient for you: resorts, conference centers, parks, or your facility.
  • Built-to-order. Designed to suit your team needs, budget and existing training initiatives.
  • Interactive. Participants actively engage in their learning, leaving their chairs and experiencing theory through action.