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"AAI has demonstrated time and again their commitment … to go to great lengths to ensure our programs' success."
– McKesson

Team Building in Long Beach, California

Enjoy some fun in the sun and on the water in Long Beach, a premier location for corporate retreats. Explore lovely Catalina Island, only a short boat ride from the shores of Long Beach, or learn about the local marine life at the famous Aquarium of the Pacific. Let the sun kiss your cheeks as you enjoy your stay on the California coast in Long Beach.

Featured Program

Set sail with your team in Long Beach

Imagine building a team that can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment to ensure your organization’s longevity. Team Sailing is a great analogy for this practice—testing the winds, using its power when you can, tacking when you can’t, and getting the whole team back to harbor. You will have the opportunity to practice different areas of responsibility: at the helm, manning a winch or handling a line, all within the Queensway Bay. Then coach your peers on your newly-acquired skills, share risk-taking (and mistake-handling) and increase trust.

Coastguard-certified Captains acquaint your group with the 24- to 36-foot sailboats, covering tacking and jibing, sail handling and steering.  In the end, teams will either compete in a regatta or a time trial, using new skills to outmaneuver the other boats to the finish line. Once back on shore, your team will examine communication patterns, leadership styles, decision-making processes and overall team effectiveness.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Long Beach

Outfitted with a backpack of supplies, small teams in our Deep Dive team building program complete a series of challenges. Team conduct quality surveys, small focus groups and compare and contrast in a retail environment such as Shoreline Village in order to better understand the business initiatives most critical to your organization. If your meeting involves professional development, incorporate our powerful Strengths Performance workshop to learn to value the diversity on your team.  Consider meeting a resort terrace or conference room at the Westin Long Beach or Terranea Beach Resort.

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"AAI has demonstrated time and again their commitment … to go to great lengths to ensure our programs' success."
– McKesson