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"The overall retreat was SUPER! The instructor was phenomenal."
– Ravenswood FHC

Team Building in Palo Alto, California

Team building and corporate training complement the innovative culture and constant evolution in this high-tech hub. Palo Alto’s unusual blend of intellect, natural beauty, technology and the arts make it a very special place, set between foothills and bay wetlands.

Featured Program

Team Orienteering in Palo Alto

Roam the redwoods in Huddart Park as you navigate an orienteering course. After initial crash courses in map reading, compass reading, and distance pacing, teams of at least one map reader, one compass reader and one distance pacesetter join together as a collective force in order to locate the hidden control markers. Team members build trust and personal confidence as they depend on each other’s newly acquired expertise. Team Orienteering is especially powerful for work groups that must tightly integrate different types of expertise in order to reach their business goals.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Palo Alto

Take your inspiration for your next team building program from those out sculling or kayaking in the Baylands or on Shoreline Lake as you construct your own “sea worthy vessels” in our high energy and fun Build a Boat program. If your meeting involves learning more about each other and sharing feedback, then consider our 360 Degree Insights workshop facilitated on a patio or in a conference room at a venue such as the Crowne Plaza in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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"The overall retreat was SUPER! The instructor was phenomenal."
– Ravenswood FHC