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"Thanks. It turned out to be a great event."
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Team Building in Englewood, Colorado

Situated in the South Platte River valley, Englewood offers a picturesque small town venue for your team building or corporate training event. Your team can enjoy a quiet retreat to Englewood or maximize it as a central launch place for adventures in the Rocky Mountains or exploring the sights of Denver.

Featured Program

Interactive Team Performance Challenges in Englewood

Team Performance Challenges brings to life team dynamics and role identification in this fun and interactive team building activity. Our expert facilitators lead every moment of this powerful program to create an open learning environment in which participants share personal and team insights and make connections back to workplace issues. We’ll help your Englewood business team discover their strengths, and then leverage them to develop individually and as a cohesive and effective work team.

Small teams engage in a series of interactive and thought-provoking activity stations set up indoors in meeting rooms such as those at the Inverness Hotel or outside at a park like Centennial Park. After each activity, our facilitators lead focused discussions to elicit team members’ reflections on maximizing individual involvement, leadership and participation roles, and effective planning. With a wide variety of activities to choose from, we’ll work closely with you to select the activities that best fit your group’s goals and design a customized program that engages your team and enables them to improve their performance.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Englewood

Englewood’s beautiful parks serve as excellent base camps to contribute to the local community with our Buildin’ Bikes team building activity. Small teams compete in a series of challenges that test communication and problem-solving skills, and the resulting bikes are then donated to excited local boys and girls. Blend this with our powerful Decision-Making for Teams workshop to learn and practice decision-making processes and tools that will increase your team’s productivity and commitment.

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"Thanks. It turned out to be a great event."
– Shell