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"The activities were appropriately linked to our goals and learnings."
– DuPont

Team Building in Delaware

Rolling hills and farmlands and numerous sunny beaches on the coast, lay the groundwork for excellent team building programs. So whether you’re planning an executive retreat overlooking Delaware Bay or plan to stay near the airport in Newark, we can design a program to accommodate that venue.

Featured Program

Leaders hone their Decision-making skills in Delaware

Take some time to get away from your busy work day —maybe to the popular coastal get-away at Rehoboth Beach or to the restored hamlet of Montchanin Village. As your team relaxes and discusses clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-replicate steps to effective decision-making. In this lively workshop we’ll look at common barriers as well as ways to overcome them; analyze unilateral, consultative and consensus decision-making methods; and employ a variety of tools and strategic decision-making theories.

To prepare for making future decisions, you’ll examine past decisions with an enhanced perspective and through a far more enlightened lens.  With an understanding of the attributes of decision-making methods, you’ll confidently make the right ones without analysis paralysis.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Delaware

Our Team Performance Challenges program combines activities with focused discussion about maximizing individual involvement, planning effectively, and choosing efficient leadership and participation roles. Blend this experiential program with Active Forum, a process to identify and address areas needing improvement within your organization. Programs can be held at hotel conference spaces such as the Hotel du Pont or at the woodlands of Killen’s Pond Park in Felton.

Some of our many other Delaware locations:

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"The activities were appropriately linked to our goals and learnings."
– DuPont