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"It was a pleasure working with all of you at Adventure Associates." Tekelec

Team Building in Raleigh, North Carolina

The profound value of investing in your workforce, such as with teambuilding and corporate training, is not lost on North Carolina’s capital city. Consistently recognized as one of the best business environments in the country, Raleigh successfully leverages the Research Triangle Park, its excellent universities and other attributes. With mild weather perfect for year-round golfing and beautiful old oak trees, Raleigh’s “Tees, trees, and PhDs” provide many wonderful settings for bonding with your coworkers.

Featured Program

Get Set…Go! Team Building in Raleigh

As the Smithsonian of the South, Raleigh is a great place to explore on foot during a Get Set…Go! In this energetic and fast-paced adventure, your group will draw on their communication, decision-making, and cross-functional thinking skills as they confront one surprise challenge after another. With a backpack of supplies, a time limit and a series of missions to complete, each team sets their own unique course. Increase trust and rapport among your team as you navigate your way through the neighborhoods of Raleigh.

Nash Square makes a perfect place to begin the Get Set…Go! program. Explore the museums in the Capitol District, the art in City Market, and the natural beauty of Mordecai. Mix sophisticated problem-solving challenges, GPS skills and treasure-hunt clues with adventure elements such as rock climbing or bicycling to test your team’s mettle. Highly customized, Get Set…Go! challenges reflect the level of adventure that matches your team’s energy and ambition.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Raleigh

Spark new understanding about creative teamwork as you collaborate on a team motivational speech during Great Speech. Build on this self-exploration theme with a Team Identification workshop to empower your team with a clear understanding of who they are and where they are on the continuum from pseudo-team to a high performing team. We bring our customized, portable programs to your events at venues like The Umstead or the Pavilions at the Angus Barn.

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"It was a pleasure working with all of you at Adventure Associates." Tekelec