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"The debriefing in between challenges was wonderful."
Dannon Company

Team Building in Utah

Utah offers a wide variety of settings for your next team building or corporate training event, from the Rocky Mountains to the desert of the Southwest and quaint Old West towns to big city accommodations. With five iconic national parks, scenic golf courses, historic sites in Salt Lake City, spa vacations, and extreme adventure, corporate meeting participants thrill at the opportunity to combine work and pleasure in Utah.

Featured Program

Leaders hone their decision-making skills in Utah

Amidst the rugged beauty of Utah’s parklands, fine tune your team’s decision-making skills, processes, and roles with our Decision-Making for Teams workshop. At a mountain retreat like the Grand Summit Resort in Park City, we will help you to examine and overcome your barriers and challenges in your decision-making processes. First, we’ll explore the pros and cons of unilateral, consultative and consensus approaches to making decisions. Then we’ll lead your team in developing a decision-making plan, defining individual roles and specific rules in the process, and engaging all participants in a process characterized by commitment and accountability. Finally, you’ll test your plan using a powerful decision-making tool, examining past decisions and viewing them through a more informed lens of knowledge and self-awareness. With an experiential understanding of decision-making styles, tools and clearly defined rules and roles, create a more productive, committed, and accountable team. Celebrate your productivity afterwards with a stroll around Park City’s village shops and restaurants or some runs on the ski slopes.

More Adventure Associates corporate training and team building programs in Utah

Consider a shelter at beautiful Utah parks such as Bear Lake for our popular Team Performance Challenges program. Small teams complete a series of problem-solving activities while practicing strategic planning skills and collaborative communication skills. Combine this program with our Emotional Intelligence workshop to boost your employees’ self-awareness, self-control, and overall performance.

Some of our many other Utah locations:

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"The debriefing in between challenges was wonderful."
Dannon Company