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The Right Team Building Event for You

New employee orientations, celebratory functions and seasonal gatherings all benefit from a great team building event to kick it all off. Adventure Associates believes that some of the greatest insights into teamwork are discovered far away from computers, desks, and telephones.

Our customized Team Building Adventures actively engage participants in unforgettable experiences that challenge them in exciting ways. Based on nearly 15 years of experience, we have developed a broad range of team building programs that spark creative energy, foster innovation, and build camaraderie.

Our facilitators help participants discover new insights and translate them back to their work environments. Teams can accelerate their success by combining a team building program with one of our corporate training workshops.

From outdoor high adventures to indoor tabletop activities, our customized team building programs are enjoyable, interactive and provide opportunities for all people to participate. The inherent team building value of our program offerings remind participants of the power of teams while strengthening their communication and leadership skills.

Our clients report tremendous satisfaction with the retreat results and the decision-making process as well as the energy and enthusiasm that accompanies participants back to the workplace.

Planning a team building event can be a complicated process. We've developed a worksheet to make it a little easier for you. Download a team building event planning worksheet.

Benefits of Adventure Associates' Customized Team Building Programs

  • Builds relationships among co-workers working in the same office or at remote sites
  • Reminds team members about the importance of planning and of communicating ideas
  • Increases appreciation for team diversity
  • Clarifies roles and the process for determining roles in a group project situation
  • Provides a non-threatening environment for discussion of group process