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Large Group Team Building

Groups of 100 or More...

Our clients have told us that planning team building events for large groups is challenging for them: they're typically addressing diverse interests, a wide range of ages, and varying levels of physical ability. We've made it a lot easier by developing three programs that provide something for everyone--fun, purposeful, challenging and energizing.

The three programs that work best for large groups are: Pursuit, GeoTrek and Build a Bridge.


Pursuit can be facilitated in a park or at a conference center or resort, taking advantage of outdoor grassy meadows, city commons or indoor ballrooms, field houses or gymnasiums. Teams of 12 (though we can customize for larger or smaller teams if necessary) receive backpacks with cameras, maps, assignments and other items with which to complete a series of challenges. Working to a deadline, and strategizing which challenges to complete in which order is only part of the fun.

team building outdoors

A combination of physical and intellectual challenges offer a diversity of experiences that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Our Pursuit programs are often the main event for groups, but have also been used to kick-off sales conferences, energize technology summits, enliven company picnics, and supplement summer internship programs. Pursuit can either be structured as a 3.5 hour program, or a 7.5 hour program and works very well for groups of 100, 200, 500, even 700+ participants!


GeoTrek is a site-specific program that has been established in a number of cities around the U.S. and provides an opportunity to build team rapport while doing a little site-seeing. Teams of 4-5 receive backpacks with cameras, maps, compasses and GPS devices.

All GeoTrek courses include city hikes of about 3 miles, and some include public transportation like trollies, buses, trains and taxis to get your team from cache site to cache site. GeoTrek works very well for groups up to 250+ participants and can be completed in about 3.5 hours.


Build a Bridge is an indoor program that can be facilitated in nearly any city at an appropriately-appointed conference center or resort. Contact us for more information about the square footage necessary to accommodate your large group. Teams of 6-8 are provided with all the materials necessary to build a bridge and just enough time to agree on a blueprint, assign tasks and build their creations.
Bridge building

Build a Bridge takes about 3.5 hours to complete and blends well with GeoTrek for a full-day's adventure. We've facilitated Build a Bridge for groups as large as 300+.