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Pursuit Sample Agenda


Review the rules, instructions, and timeline verbally. Hand out the team backpacks, which include written instructions, a Challenge Locator, camera and other supplies needed for the program. The focus of your training initiative (typically something around high performing teams or leadership competencies) is carefully integrated into the discussions at this stage.  (approximately 10 minutes) 

Strategy Session

Participants review assignments, paperwork and supplies. As they strategize how and when they will attempt various challenges (concurrently or sequentially), teams are asked to set goals for how they will work together and examine leadership roles, and finally formulate a plan for success. (appoximately 15 minutes)

Begin Pursuit Challenges

All teams will attempt to complete identical challenges within a set time period. The challenges are a combination of proven, high-energy, problem-solving initiatives, physical challenges, intellectual puzzles and photo assignments that encourage new leaders to help their teams become high-performing. (approximately 2.5 hours during a half-day Pursuit program and 6 hours during a full-day Pursuit program)

While planning your adventure, you and a facilitator will choose from among these and other options not listed below.

  • Precious Cargo– The group uses a devise to transport three precariously balanced objects through a marked off obstacle course. This activity requires precise coordination, cooperation and innovation to keep the cargo from dropping. (Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, Decision Making and Organizing around Roles and Goals)
  • Roadblock– Team members form pairs. One person guides a blindfolded team member through an obstacle course using only verbal directions. Effective coaching and clear communications are tested in this insightful challenge. (Trust and Communication)
  • Group Juggle– Teams must work together to keep numerous objects in the air. (Feedback and Communication)
  • The Web Pass through various size holes in a giant web structure without touching the string or using any of the openings more than once. This challenge requires a great deal of cooperation, trust and “start to finish” planning to enable the team to be successful. (Trust, Collaboration and Strategy)

Return to Staging Area

Teams turn in their backpacks with completed assignments to be scored by facilitators.

Individual Team Discussions

Teams gather together to answer questions about sharing best practices, leadership at all levels, and interpersonal dynamics. These questions can also be tailored to compliment the focus of your training initiative…from communication skills to collaboration to high performing teams. (approximately 10 minutes)


The scores of each team are tallied and a fun team recognition ceremony follows. We then announce the Total Team Score—this balances the importance of team and organizational success. (approximately 10 minutes)


Typically, the stories shared are about how teams tended to organize themselves around a challenge, what types of leadership surfaced and how they plan to apply this information to their own high-performing teams. We’re careful to discuss both process goals and task goals. The facilitator helps provide context and “closure” during this portion of the program. (approximately 20 minutes)

Special Features

Point Person: (optional) at each challenge, the team elects a point person to act as leader and coordinator for that challenge, facilitating team interactions.

Knowledge Transfer: (optional) if the Knowledge Transfer special feature is selected, participants will capture a best practice at each challenge for the other teams to use when they get to that point. Sharing information is a key component to effective collaboration.

Poem, Limerick, Cheer: (optional) if your group is lively, you may want to consider wrapping up the adventure with a "talent" competition. One of the self-directed challenges that you can select requires all the teams to develop a poem, limerick, song or cheer that encapsulates their experiences.

Team Presentation: (optional) each team develops a 1-2 minute presentation complete with audio visuals that informs the other teams about their Pursuit experience.

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