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Pursuit Team Building Adventure

Imagine being able to tap into the abilities and talents of every team member while practicing and applying team process skills. Teams of approximately 12 are given backpacks with supplies, and strategize how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing a series of challenges.

Illuminating problem-solving, innovation, shared leadership, communication skills, team planning and time management, Pursuit is a timed event, but it’s not a race—we keep the competition “friendly.”  Performance-oriented groups, sales professionals and product development teams are particularly well-suited to this high-energy, multi-tasking program.

Action-oriented by design, Pursuit can be built to fit your team’s targeted growth areas, and can be held almost anywhere your group decides to meet: a resort, nearby park or your facility.  We’ve led Pursuit for groups as small as 16 and as large as 700+, for all ages and levels of physical ability.

Why We Recommend Pursuit for Your Team

  • Participants experience camaraderie as a result of successfully solving problems together.
  • The combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges offers something for everyone.
  • Participants are required to make both big picture decisions and to consider the details.
  • The quick pace of the program heightens senses and aids in learning processes.
  • It is highly interactive and customizable, illuminating scores of team dynamics and areas for improvement.
  • It engages all learning styles, and respects individual perspectives, capacities and preferences.

Great as a half-day or full-day stand alone program, Pursuit takes on an entirely new dimension when combined with a corporate training module like Giving and Receiving Feedback or Team Decision-Making.

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