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Indoor Rock Climbing Sample Agenda


The facilitator reviews the group’s expectations, guidelines, timing, safety, etc. before working with the team to set individual and group goals for the day. Participants are asked to explore what they would like to accomplish through this experience. (approximately 20 minutes)

Stretching and Warm-Ups

The facilitator leads your group through partner stretches and has them practice spotting other team members, increasing their comfort level with physical challenges, working in close proximity and direct communication. (approximately 10 minutes)

Belay Lessons

Learn the proper way to climb and the proper method for belaying. This will be important later for safe completion of some of the challenges. (approximately 15 minutes)

Begin Challenges

The facilitator will vary the order of the indoor rock climbing challenges depending on the group energy and cohesion. Most novice climbers tire quickly, so we take this into consideration as we plan the program. Teams will complete four to five of challenges. The facilitator leads a brief discussion after each challenge to reinforce the concepts that apply back in the work environment.  (approximately 2 – 2.5  hours)


The entire group is brought together to share their experiences from the day. Participants are asked to share what they learned or reaffirmed about themselves or their team, and how they can apply these learnings back to the work environment. (approximately 20 minutes)

Program Complete

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