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Team Performance Challenges Team Building Adventure

One of our favorite team building adventures, Team Performance Challenges brings to life theories and models about team dynamics and role identification. It’s a rich program, because it’s 100% facilitator-led with guided debriefs after each challenge. Our facilitators create an environment in which personal and team insights are shared and subsequent connections back to workplace issues are made by the team. We help your team discover their strengths, then leverage them to better address areas of development.

Teams of 8-12 are led through a series of activity stations: each takes 30-45 minutes including a focused discussion about how to maximize individual involvement, plan effectively, and which leadership and participation roles work best.

Team Performance Challenges can be facilitated indoors or outdoors at almost any location with groups as small as 5 and as large as 500. With dozens of activities in our repertoire, we can build a custom program that engages your team mentally and physically, helping them to evolve beyond their current level of performance.

Why We Recommend Team Performance Challenges for Your Team

  • Increased team morale through shared successes and performance breakthroughs.
  • The physical and intellectual challenges engage a wide variety of learning styles and serve as reference points for future training initiatives.
  • Past participants appreciated the opportunities to strategize, collaborate and take on leadership roles (some for the first time).
  • The novelty of the program heightens senses and aids in learning processes.
  • TPC is highly interactive, multi-layered, customizable and portable, and can be facilitated inside or out, depending on the venue and time of year.
  • TPC can be aligned with your training curriculum and culture.

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