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Team Performance Challenges Sample Agenda


An AAI facilitator will present the Challenge-by-Choice philosophy and safety concerns, then address team expectations and goals. Depending on the focus of your workshop (for example, communication and collaboration) we may briefly share some pertinent models or theories.

Warm-ups and Stretches

To lay the groundwork, our facilitators will lead your group through a short warm-up that will enliven the group physically and mentally. You'll parnter up for some basic stretches combined with "ice breaking" conversations.

Facilitated Challenges

Adventure Associates facilitators lead the group through a discussion after each challenge in which participants assess their level of success with the team skills practiced.

Each challenge takes approximately 30-40 minutes. Facilitators are careful to guide discussions back to workplace applications of the “lessons learned.” While planning your adventure, you and a facilitator will choose from among these and other options not listed below.

  • Blindfold Tent –Coaching and clear communication are tested as a sightless partner is guided through the process of assembling a tent by their teammate. (Trust and Communication)
  • Medley– This challenge is three-problems-in-one and requires participants to plan, delegate and refine their problem-solving processes. Rope House, Tarp-Turnover and Pipeline are the three challenges that the group will tackle. (Trust, Delegation and Communication)
  • Precious Cargo– The group uses a devise to transport three precariously balanced objects through a marked off obstacle course. This activity requires precise coordination, cooperation and innovation to keep the cargo from dropping. (Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, Decision Making and Organizing around Roles and Goals)
  • Roadblock– Team members form pairs. One person guides a blindfolded team member through an obstacle course using only verbal directions. Effective coaching and clear communications are tested in this insightful challenge. (Trust and Communication)
  • Group Juggle– Teams must work together to keep numerous objects in the air. (Feedback and Communication)
  • The Web Pass through various size holes in a giant web structure without touching the string or using any of the openings more than once. This challenge requires a great deal of cooperation, trust and “start to finish” planning to enable the team to be successful. (Trust, Collaboration and Strategy)

Team Discussions

Teams gather together to answer questions about sharing best practices, leadership at all levels, and interpersonal dynamics. These questions can also be tailored to compliment the focus of your training initiative…from improved communication to collaboration to leadership development. Our facilitators are careful to let your team draw their own conclusions (with some subtle direction) rather than “telling” your team what they are supposed to take away from the adventure. We believe the insights shared by our clients are richer in meaning and more applicable when they are internally derived.

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