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GeoTrek Team Building Adventure

GeoTrek, based on the recreational sport of geo-caching, blends adventure and technology into a valuable and fun team building or team development experience. Courses are set in rural or urban setting and secret caches are hidden in parks or distinctive city spots. Your team will experience the novelty of learning to use GPS devices and the excitement of locating caches. "Actual" caches contain clues to the next cache or instructions for team challenges, while "virtual" caches require proof of discovery.

Learning how to use GPS receivers

Whether you start and finish with a small group of 6-15 or a large group of several hundred people, you will divide into teams of 3-4 and receive maps or charts, a book of clues, and several "on-the-go" challenges. After a brief lesson on using the GPS (global positioning system) units, you will begin to determine the location of secret caches and develop your plan for success. Each team chooses the caches it will attempt to locate based on point values, distances, and your team’s strategy (fewer “big ticket” caches, or many smaller caches). It takes problem-solving and collaboration skills to determine exactly where the caches may be and solid planning, strategic thinking and effective decision-making to accomplish the GeoTrek challenge.

An excited team after discovering a cache!

As each cache is located, your team uses the GPS to navigate from your current location to another location...translating the "as-the-crow-flies" directions into a real path using sidewalks, streets or trails as necessary. GeoTrek can include long hikes, or a series of short walks to get to the caches depending on your group’s objectives, and many cities offer public transportation (including taxis) that can greatly increase the distances covered in this half-day team building adventure.

GeoTrek takes place rain or shine...or snow!

Why We Recommend GeoTrek for Your Team

  • Teams get to explore unknown territory together, and practice modified consensus decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Participants appreciate the opportunity to participate in the creation of their adventure as they choose the caches that they want to locate.
  • The natural disagreements that arise during GeoTrek provide a forum for practicing conflict resolution skills.
  • The analogies of “plotting a course,” “discovering a new path,” and “mastering new territory,” all tie directly to workplace needs.
  • Past participants appreciated the opportunities to strategize, collaborate and take on leadership roles (some for the first time).
  • The combination of technology and human intuition parallels the divergent yet equally necessary components of most workplaces.
  • It allows participants to explore an urban locale together (as opposed to being in a conference room all day).
  • It requires different kinds of intelligence than what is commonly accessed in the workplace, for example, being able to read maps, having a strong sense of direction, understanding spatial relationships.
  • It aligns with organizational competencies around: teamwork, cross-functional thinking, influence and impact, transferring knowledge, drive and persistence.

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