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Ropes Courses Overview

Successful team building events should carry over into the office. Ropes courses are inherently fun, and safety should always be the first priority. But, without the guidance of a professional facilitator that knows how to identify the specific needs of your team, your investment in training may be wasted. Adventure Associates' clients choose our customized Team Building Adventures because they appreciate the difference between recreational events and truly facilitated team building programs.

What is an Adventure Associates' Ropes Course Challenge?

The combination of Low and High Ropes Courses enable participants to grow at both the team and individual levels, exploring risk, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and coaching. The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration. The challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching. The challenges allow participants to expand their comfort zones—sometimes dramatically—and recognize fears that may block personal achievement. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, supporting "on belay," or finding an effective way to encourage a teammate.

Choose a Ropes Course Challenge to...

  • Pull new project teams together to practice problem solving in a group setting.
  • A fun and energizing kickoff for an annual retreat to celebrate success.
  • Build interdependence and risk taking skills.
  • Create a reference point for improving communications.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • Strengthen company-client relationships.
  • Integrate an enjoyable activity to break up a multi-day meeting.

How a Ropes Course Challenge Applies to Your Team

Adventure Associates specializes in dovetailing your current business issues and training topics into your ropes course challenge. You may have an existing training curriculum, or current readings that you want to bring to life or you may want to choose from one of our corporate training workshops like: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), The Leader's Role in Team Development and Teamwork.

Fitting Your Time Frame

Ranging from three hours to multi-day programs, Adventure Associates can customize a ropes course challenge program to your schedule. See Sample High Ropes Course Team Building Agenda.

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