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Solutions Team Building Sample Agenda


We hand out the team envelopes, which include clues and other supplies needed for the program and discuss why the team has convened for this program. (approximately 10 minutes)

Strategy Session

Your group divides into teams to distribute assignments, establish processes and set team goals. (approximately 15 minutes)

Complete Assignments

Depending on the objectives of your customized Solutions adventure, teams must either complete one envelope challenge before moving on to the next or examine all the assignments and determine the order themselves. A wide variety of challenges ensure that there's "something for everyone." These challenges are highly customized to meet your team's objectives. Some of the challenges include:

  • "Person-on-the-street" interviews
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Photo challenges
  • Secret shopping
  • Interactions with merchants
  • Surveys
  • Trivia
  • “Tailing” shoppers

There's a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, so teams must delegate effectively, strategize and keep moving. (approximately 2 hours)

Show & Tell

The teams return to their staging area to prepare their presentation materials, compile the data collected and develop strategies for applying the lessons learned back in the workplace. These presentations can be tailored to compliment the theme of the event or training initiative. (approximately 40 minutes)

Large Group Discussions

Once all the teams have the opportunity to share their experiences during the field work, they are encouraged to discuss team processes (like how they organized individual roles around a challenge, or decided to delegate tasks) and the specific knowledge that was gathered (industry and consumer insights, trends in merchandising, etc.). If time allows, participants may begin developing an outline of an action plan to implement the ideas gained during Solutions. (approximately 20 minutes)

Program Complete

This sample agenda is for a 3.5 to 4 hour program. It can stand alone, be expanded into a full-day experience or be combined with one of our other team building adventures or corporate training modules. Active Forum is a great fit because it affords the opportunity to expand your insights into full-blown plans for improvement.

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