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Zoolutions Sample Agenda


The teams receive their mission. The theme of the event or focus of the training initiative is carefully integrated into this stage. (approximately 10 minutes)

Your team is being tasked with an exciting development opportunity. A local company is interested in sponsoring a new exhibit at the Zoo. However, before they donate the $35 million dollars, they want to see a comprehensive quality review and development plan during a presentation about how their money will be spent, and what the public will get for that investment.

You will work as a team to develop a presentation with visual aids. The challenges you are being given will aid you in the research and development of this presentation. Your final task will be to deliver this presentation to the “board of directors.”

Equipped with a backpack containing camera, map, mission challenges, spending money and other supplies, participants work in teams of 4-6 to gain insights into questions like:

  • “How are we communicating the value of our products and services to customers? Investors? Employees?
  • “How do we develop convincing rationale for funding new products and development?”
  • “How can we improve or streamline our quality review process?"

Strategy Session

Your group divides into teams to help formulate assignments, establish processes and set team goals. (approximately 15 minutes)

Begin Completing Zoolutions Challenges

This portion of the program is completely tailored to fit your group. The early challenges encourage your teams to explore and collect information from the entire zoo, while the later challenges require your teams to apply what they’ve discovered to a development plan, ultimately sharing and communicating a vision. A wide variety of challenges ensure that there’s something for everyone.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Person-on-the-street interviews
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Photo challenges
  • Secret shopping
  • Interactions with zookeepers and the public
  • Surveys
  • Trivia
  • “Tailing” zoo-goers

There’s a lot to complete in a short amount of time, so teams must delegate effectively, strategize and keep moving. (approximately 2.5 hours)

Preparing the Presentations

The teams return to their staging area to prepare their presentation materials, compile the data collected and practice delivering a presentation about the exhibit development plans. These 2-3 minute presentations can be tailored to compliment the theme of the event or training initiative. (approximately 30 minutes)

In the Boardroom

Each of the teams has the opportunity to share their exhibit development plans, and be “rated” by the other teams. Typically, these presentations generate insights worthy of sharing with the Zoo, and we will facilitate and encourage that “closing of the loop.”

After we discuss their experiences during the field work, the teams are encouraged to discuss group processes (like how tasks were delegated) and the specific knowledge that was gathered (zookeeper and visitor insights, trends in exhibits or signage, etc.). If time allows, participants begin developing an outline of an action plan to implement the ideas gained during Zoolutions. (approximately 20 minutes)

Program Complete

(approximately 3.5 hours)

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