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Get Set...Go! Team Building Adventure Sample Agenda


The group first sets goals about how they will work together throughout the day. Next they learn how to navigate with a GPS device, then familiarize themselves with the charts, street maps or trail maps provided. (approximately 20 minutes)


Teams are formed and receive their missions and a backpack with supplies, then work interdependently to follow clues from a map and discover challenges hidden throughout the city or park. Together they learn that teams need to "go slow in order to go fast" whether in a natural or work environment. Because this is a race, they'll have to strategize the best way to spend their precious minutes: do they continue searching for a cache, or risk losing points using a clue? Do they split their team up to accomplish two tasks at once?

There's no limit to the challenges that we can adapt or create for your group depending on your chosen location. In the past, participants have:

  • Used a kayak or rowboat to locate a hidden cache using a GPS device and clues provided by an AAI facilitator.
  • Built a tiny boat that transported items downstream to other team members.
  • Raced to obtain clues at the top of a rock-climbing wall.
  • Mountain-biked to a secret location where they completed a series of timed problem-solving challenges.
  • Snow-shoed into the mountains and built a snow shelter that could house their team.
  • Navigated power boats through coral shoals in search of sunken "treasure."
  • Hiked into unknown terrain, uncovered cooking supplies, and shared a barbeque on the beach.

Together the teams will make decisions on the fly and adjust their strategy moment-to-moment. A self-directed debrief will occur at the completion of each challenge, culminating in a list of guidelines around effective teamwork that can be applied upon return to the workplace. (approximately 2.5 hours for half-day adventures and 6 hours for full-day adventures)

Group Discussion

All teams reconvene to discuss what they learned from their experiences during Get Set...Go! How well did team members learn then teach each other new skills? How did they deal with frustration? What types of leadership surfaced during the day? How did they handle their roles and responsibilities? Scoring also occurs at this point.(appoximately 30 minutes)

Program Complete

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