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Get Set...Go! Team Building Adventure

In this dynamic and fast-paced adventure, your group will face one surprise challenge after another. Each team of approximately four is given a backpack with supplies, a time limit and a series of missions to complete.

Get Set...Go! can be brought to a park or urban setting around the world, and is designed to capitalize on area resources, like parks with lakes, trains and trolleys, climbing gyms and bike paths. We mix sophisticated problem-solving challenges, compass and GPS skills with adventure elements (biking, hiking, rock-climbing, or kayaking) to test your team's mettle.

Throughout the race, each team conducts self-directed debriefs, capturing their innate wisdom about how to work together effectively, culminating in a facilitated debrief to establish a set of team guidelines that can be applied back at the workplace. Highly customized depending on the venue, your team objectives and fitness levels, no two Get Set…Go! adventures are the same.

Why We Recommend Get Set…Go! for Your Team

  • Participants gain confidence in their problem-solving skills as they match their wits to a wide variety of intellectual and physical challenges.
  • Teams share a sense of accomplishment upon completion of the program that greatly increases trust and rapport.
  • Teams must agree to go in the same direction, and have the opportunity to practice influence and consensus building.
  • Get Set…Go! engages all ages, interests and learning styles.
  • It requires different kinds of intelligence than what is commonly accessed in the workplace, for example, being able to read maps, having a strong sense of direction, understanding spatial relationships.
  • The small teams provide a great setting in which to practice communication skills like active listening and feedback.

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