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Team Orienteering Sample Agenda


Your group is first guided through a discussion about what they hope to gain from the experience, before covering the concepts of sharing resources and knowledge. Some basic safety concerns are addressed about terrain and weather. (approximately 10 minutes)


Next you’ll divide into groups to learn either how to read a compass and choose a bearing, interpret a topographical map, or use your paces to determine distance. (approximately 20 minutes)

Locate Markers

Teams are formed by combining at least one map reader, one compass reader and one distance pace-setter.  Next you’ll receive your course, then work interdependently to follow clues from a map and discover control markers hidden in the trees off the main trails. Together you’ll learn that teams often have to "chart new territory" whether in a natural or work environment. (approximately 2.5 hours)

Large Group Discussion

All teams reconvene to discuss what was learned from the experiences during the Team Orienteering program. How well did your team members learn then teach each other new skills? Did you get lost, and if so how did you handle the frustration? What types of leadership surfaced during the day? How did you handle your roles and responsibilities? (approximately 30 minutes)

Program Complete

This sample agenda is for a half-day program. It can stand alone, be expanded into a full-day experience or be combined with any of the other team building adventures.

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