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Team Building Sample Agenda


The theme of the event or focus of the training initiative is carefully integrated into this stage. The group discusses what they hope to accomplish as a result of the day’s events and how they will transfer that back to the work environment. (approximately 20 minutes)

Strategy Session

Your group divides into smaller teams to help formulate assignments and set team goals. (approximately 15 minutes)

Begin Rehearsals

This portion of the program is completely tailored to fit your group. Depending the length of the program, the number of participants and what the facility can offer, teams prepare their speeches, presentations, commercials or skits. (approximately 90-120 minutes)

Hit the Stage

Together again, one team at a time takes to the stage while the rest of the teams serve as an audience. Participants report feeling much more at ease speaking in front of a group when working as part of a team. (approximately 30 minutes)

Group Discussions

All teams reconvene to share their experiences during Great Speech. They discuss how they tend to organize themselves around a challenge, what types of leadership surfaced and how they will interact differently upon return to the workplace. (approximately 20 minutes)

Program Complete

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